A 14 yr. Old boy dies after being caught and killed by a crocodile in Butiaba | Buliisa

By Innocent Atuganyira | Kyangwali News

According to the eye witness, Mwebe, commonly known as Pastor Ericka who is also a relative to the deceased, a resident of Butiaba Wantebo village identified the deceased as one Nassan son to Pastor Wilson Tumwine of Butiaba Boma village in Butiaba subcounty Buliisa District.

Mwebe explains that the incident happened today at around 11:00am in the morning when four children had gone to fetch water for domestic use for their family and the crocodile ended up catching one person among four children.

It is said that most of the crocodiles are escaping in the flood water.

He added that most of the residents realized the incident after the children reportedly came back home crying and some making an alarm that their brother have been caught up by crocodile.

Residents and other local leaders are under way searching for the body since it had ran with the body in the deep water.

File Photo | Butiaba Landing site in Buliisa District.

By press time it was hardly to get comment both from Deo the Chairperson LCI Boma village and the Uganda Wild Life Authority since they could not pickup the phone calls for several times.

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