A Refugee Forms an LLC Company in NEPA

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

By Falone L.

Kyangwalinews Correspondent

Mr. Blaise Kiyungi, a Congolese refugee from Uganda yesterday filed the paperwork for his Limited Liability Company here in the state of Pennsylvania-USA. The Company that will operate under the name Okapi Fashion Design Scranton LLC will be operational in 10 days and will deal in cloth sewing, and designs ranging from African to western styles and will be the first African refugee owned business in North Eastern Pennsylvania (NEPA). His partners include Mr. Mbilizi John Mukelo and Ushu Mukelo , all residents of the city of Scranton. The company aims at employing mothers and elders so as to address the challenge of language barrier and slow transition process among some families arriving in this part of the state. Mr. Blaise has experience in cloth sewing business and was longing to own a cloth workshop since the time he arrived here. He said, " I know how to sew and I wanted to work for myself". According to Mr. John Mukelo, an equal partner in the business said that he is very happy because many other refugees will be employed in the business of their fellow refugee. Mr. John told kyangwali News, " This is a step, this is what we used to do back home and its going to be okay. It's ours now but will be for everyone tomorrow." Many elders in the local refugee community here in the city of Scranton have expressed how happy they are and have mentioned that establishing the cloth business was very necessary. According to Blaise, the company will also operated online so as to cover other states and that this will help extend the business to other parts of the country.

Mr. Blaise Kiyungi during the launch of the business on 06/20/2019

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