From A Refugee To A Doctor, Mesiku's Success Story.

Mesiku Deborah is a daughter of Mr. Said Joseph. They come in Uganda, specifically Kyangwali Refugees camp in late 1990s after years of war between the government of president Bashir and the then called rebels of southern Sudan now a country, Sudan Peoples Libertion Army (SPLA), lead by John Garang De Mabior, which left thousand of hundreds of people dead, young girls raped, family separated, animals, and goods looted.

Mr. Said Joseph had to come in Uganda with the few family members with which Deborah was among after losing their fellow family members in the wars! On reaching in Uganda, UNHCR had to relocate the family to Kyangwali Refugee’s Settlement in which life was not easy since the settlement was just a forest.

Mesiku's story started all away from Sudan where she was a little girl watching the mass killing of people and rape of young girls! But she can narrate that by Gods powers she made it out of fire to another home out of home but instead it was a start of new experience of suffer and psychological torture as thousands of people had a perception of a girl child is not supposed to sturdy!, as well a new start up in the forest which she and the family had to overcome and change it to a home!.

Mesiko Deborah, started school in Kasonga primary school Kyangwali refugees camp, besides all the hardships she went through but she still moved on, many girls of her ages continued to drop out of school for marriage and other due to family challenges, culture and myth that Girl child are not supposed to sturdy but marriage or help in home activities to support the boy child in sturdy. She did not lose hope in any case, “and always we being described her as hardworking girl” her primary teacher, who doubled as senior woman teacher Miss. Caroline Kimuli said.

In 2009 she completed her primary seven (P.7) and everyone eyes was on her, saying this is her last beat but to their surprise she had to join Secondary school at Kyangwali Secondary School where she did her S.1 to S.2 and later joined Morning Star Christian Secondary School where she completed her O'level, the level she described as a hard one due to many challenges since the Refugees organizations had stopped them from getting food anymore and other families in favor to the new coming ones, Mr. said the dad described the state they were moving in as horrific/terrible whereby he had to look after her daughter, sons , his brothers and sisters at his home without any support but with the no books and pens sometimes the young soul made it.

Later she went back to S. Sudan for farther studies and of course life back home was more terrible after having started school, the internal war between the President Salva Kiir and his former Vice Dr. Riek Machar between all these hot zones and killings she managed to join Torit Health Sciences Institute with passion to help her fellow young girls who are facing tough times back home in battle grounds, like rape, and all type of torture as well to stand and stop the wars home through treating as well as advocating, teaching the sick.

On 1st Aug -2019 she graduated as a Clinical Doctor in public health from the Torit Institute of Health Sciences in Juba in which the party was held at Governors home. The love and passion she has left millions of girls inspired she is still looking forward to inspire more..

Torit, Eastern Equatorial, S. Sudan.
Mesiku At The Graduation Party Held At the Governor's Home.

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