Abdul Tonda Flies To Kyangwali After He Was Tipped The Wife Was Cheating On Him

Source: facebook
Mr. Abdul Kwitonda also Tonda

The block 75 residents of Kyabitaka village in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement have confirmed a story that was leaked to Kyangwali News regarding the scandle in which Abdul, commonly known as Tonda flew to Uganda after leaders of the local Mosque in Kasonga Trading Center tipped him about the cheating habits of his wife. Neighbors confirmed that he broke the door of his wife's house but unfortunately the man inside the house broke through the wall on opposite side of the house to escape the embarrassment. It was revealed that Mr. Abdul, a self claimed devout Muslim had been fully briefed about the wife resuming her previous relationship with her former husband from whom she already has a number of children by the clerics from the local mosque.

Mr. Abdul who was able to report the case to the police in Kasonga was escorted to do the house where the wife lives but the visit was rough. However, some sources have also speculated that the local police had planned to have him arrested for entering the refugee camp without permission from the Office Of the Prime Minister, something we are still investigating. Abdul was resettled in the U.S state of Idaho not so long ago and according to his friends, has been sending money back to the wife. It is believed that he was hurt to hear the wife was enjoying the money sent with a former lover. It's not clear how much he had sent to her and we are also trying to track him for a one on one interview regarding this story.

Many of those that contributed to this story have declined to be mentioned for security reasons.

Old Picture obtained from facebook.
Adbul's Wife residing in Block 75 Kyebitaka Village

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