Bigger smiles on refugees faces in Kyangwali as weather boosts crop production.

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

A field in Kyangwali with Ground Nuts and Maize in the back.

Residents of Kyangwali and refugees can’t stop their inner felt joy as the weather continues to favour their farming activities. Kyangwali sub county, is well known as the heart of Kikuube District as far as food production is concerned. It has always produced tonnes and tonnes of food items such as Maize, Beans, Groundnuts and many other crops on a large scale.

In the refugee camp many refugees almost do farming as one way of getting money to sustain their family as well sending their young children to better schools mainly the higher schools of learning since they have not yet gotten enough scholarships from Windle Trust organization to take up all the refugee youths to universities and on the bigger percentage they produce higher agricultural products.

As Kyangwali News Team was moving around the camp meeting various farmers mainly South Sudanese and Congolese, they expressed their joy on how this season is more of production and there bigger concern and challenge was the land issue which, day and night is getting smaller and not enough for their cultivation activities as more of their brothers and sisters, the Bagegere are settled on the vacant lands available.

When we meet the newly settled refugees, a family said, “we are growing food but in future we shall meet in the market." This is a sign that as shortage of land persists, more refugee families will instead rely on markets to get food.

To the nationals, joy was killing them over this season and talked of no fees failing this coming term, as well expressed hope for raising capital to start up small business . They however expressed concerns over the challenge of environmental changes which, time and then, force them not to invest much in soil conservation.

Few farmers still face a challenge in Groundnuts prodution where unexpected eat ups by rodents was mainly in villages of Ngurwe, Ngoma,and Kituuti.

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