Breaking News: Clemi To File Refugee Tax Returns

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

The Government shutdown has in a lot of ways threatened many things here in America and among them is the issue of tax returns. In an interview with Clemi Tina aka Clementina Niyizibyose, a Rwandan-Congolese productive youth based in Orlando, Florida U.S.A, she told Kyangwali News that based on her experience in the field of tax filing, she is willing to help as many refugee families as possible with filing their taxes this year. She works for a tax filing company called Pedotax that has a reputation for a very good tax return. Clemi also confirmed that she would be welcome to help those outside the state of Florida only if they can fax their tax documents directly to her office and would be able to get in touch for any questions they might have as well. Known for her involvement in community organizing and charity work, she is fluent in

Clemi's Business Card

Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda and English but may also be able to communicate in many more languages including Luganda and Lingala which makes her a reliable tax accountant for the refugee families from Africa living here in the United States. Please do not hesitate to contact her with any questions related to tax filing in any of the languages above. She can be reached at +1 4074503506 or by visiting her at their orlando office on 212 Bruton Bld Orlando FL, 32805 for those that are residing in her home state.

One of the challenges that the refugee community is facing in the U.S is the language barrier and having very skilled youth from our own countries working in very sensitive field like tax filing is very important since they both speak in our local languages and understand us better. Keep in touch to know how the Government shutdown may or may not affect the tax returns.

Clemi is also an acting correspondent of Kyangwali News, an active member of a refugee charity in the city of Orlando and also one of the strong advocates for youth investment back home. Last year, she founded the Triple Alliance to help families in Africa get money to buy food and other items during festive seasons and this project offered over $1000.00 in money giveouts through a Facebook page. She revealed to Kyangwali News that she plans to expand Triple Alliance so many families can benefit from the program. Besides triple Alliance, Clemi had founded Hatari Foundation to help the disadvantaged in in Africa which she hopes to involve other stakeholders and expand this organisation.

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