They don't respect Jesus, Says Carrick Msadoki

Carrick is famously known for his active engagement in football and his ties with Islamic faith which in this interview has clearly explained his separation with this religion. He told Kyangwali News that he has changed from being a muslim to a christian. " Islam is a very good religion, but they don't have prayers like the one Christians have. And they don't respect Jesus Christ yet he died for us on the cross", Carrick said in a statement. Carrick, also known as Msadoki or Rukundo Carrick by those that went with him to school, attracted the attention of many of his friends after he quit Islam. After he was asked whether he regrets leaving the muslim community he said: " I don't regret leaving Islam, I have lost a lot friends but that's life". He also added saying that the other reason why he doesn't regret is because he was a Christian before and only joined because of his friends. " I liked how they dressed and how they behaved but the truth is that they don't respect Christ, we can't compare Christ with Muhammad or any other prophet", he insisted.

" I want to become a famous gospel musician in days to come"

- Msadoki, Carrick

Mr. Carrick later revealed his close relations with pastor Kintu. He clearly told Kyangwali News that he did not reconvert to Christianity because of Pastor Kintu. Pastor Kintu was his friend before and the only reason he became so close with this pastor is the help this pastor rendered to him at time of his mother's death. " He was so helpful at my mother's burial", he said adding, " my mother died at Boma Hospital in Hoima and his church was nearby". Mr. Carrick was quick to explain that he has also learned to quit his drinking habits even when Christianity is not so strict when it comes to drinking. " And by the way, pastor Kintu adopted me into his family and I am now his son, friends don't know this", he said in reply to a question relating to why he now annexed this pastor's name to his other names.

Among other things he discussed in the interview was his switch from football to Music and whether his muslim wife supported him in transitioning to the new religion. He explained that he loves football but pointed out a challenge; luck of support and funding especially in a sport that involves attaining bodily injuries. " I played for New Roots and later acted in a capacity of a couch for HFO Team that is currently under Kiri but there was no funding until recently when things have changed", Mr Carrick said. He however was not clear on whether he has sponsors already for his preliminary involvement in Music. Interestingly, he told the news that his wife regardless of being muslim, played a big role in his switch to the new religion, something he wanted friends to know. Both Mr. Carrick and his wife are now christians.

Please go watch his Brand new song, "NI WEWE" which he recently posted on his YouTube Channel. Or you can play it online here on our website in the link below:

Thanks Mr. Carrick for the beautiful song, we hope it reaches the hearts of people. Let's support Mr. Carrick in his music career as much as possible. Please tell us in the comments what you think we did not ask him and how you liked the song.

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