By Jezreel Said | Staff Writer Kyangwali News

The countdown of school  reopening has finally come to its climax on 15th October 2020 as the president announced on his speech, prior this due date schools and students were undergoing through various arrangements and preparations for the initiation of schools after the seven month lock down.

On 14th October 2020 the administration of kyangwali senior secondary school called for a parent-teachers meeting over reporting to school the following days in this meeting parents were cautioned to prepare their children well before sending them to the school as this included masks that are reusable and a least two pairs.

They should also prepare them well financially because there shall be no in and out movements within the school premises this means that they won’t entertain their normal program of visiting students and likewise giving permission for students to come off the compound to purchase their used up items.

This called for serious preparations on the issue of sanitizers, it’s still pending because following the address of the ministry of education and sports, students are not meant to go with sanitizers in school for it will boast drug abuse in schools as they encourage teachers to make sure that the compound has water for washing hands as frequently as possible.

Unfortunately after the meeting rumors were hovering around that schools in the camp would remain closed for more two more weeks due to some cases of positive results of corona among stuff members of Coburwas primary school.

According to Babyesiza Samuel the deputy head teacher of Kyangwali SS in an interview at his office

this caused tension and confusion leading to calling off the reporting date as agreed in the parents meeting the day before. He said.

However very early on 15th October 2020 resolutions were made that the victimized schools shall remain closed but others could reopen.

Due to this confusion many students of Kyangwali SS did not turn up on this date because of the contradicting information  on the ground.

It had been sorted out after receiving a call from Windle trust internal and NGOs in charge of education in Kyangwali that schools should resume. Therefore parents should send forth their children to school as first as possible in order to push with the syllabus. Mr. Samuel said.

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