A married couple who lived in Kituti, got blessed with a beautiful girl in the name of Njabala. She was badly brought up in a way that she got spoilt; didn’t want to do any work on the farm, and domestic work as well, like washing dishes. Her mother did every work for Njabala that is cooking, washing dishes and clothes, ironing. As time moved on Njabala grew up and was getting ready for marriage . However her mother didn’t consider that at her age, she still continued doing everything for Njabala while she was home with her. Unluckily enough Njabala’s mother passed on.

Njabala was now a grown up beautiful girl who is ready for marriage. Then she got married to a young handsome man who took her to his home of course. As they enjoyed their honeymoon, soon it ended. And it was time for her to start doing work but she couldn’t do any work at all both inside and outside the house. Not even helping her husband doing some work in the garden.

As she cried out loudly putting hands on her head regretting, Njabala started calling,"mother it’s you who pampered me a lot come and do the digging for me." Suddenly the skeleton of her mother appeared and started digging the garden as she sings: "Njabala, Njabala, Njabala, this is how a woman digs, don’t let me be caught by my in-laws." Her dead mother cleared a big portion of the garden and the daughter was so pleased. After all the work for the day she disappeared back to her grave and Njabala happily went home.

This went on for some time, every time Njabala went to the garden she could call out, “mother, it’s you who pampered me come and do the work for it”. Then her mother’s skeleton appears and does the work for her. Any time her dead mother does the work, she sings for her daughter the same song every day.

Finally, Njabala’s day had reached as one of the relative witnessed what happened and reported to Njabala’s husband saying, “do you know that the food we feed on is grown by a skeleton?”. Njabala’s husband could not believe what he is hearing he replied saying, “Are you mad? Don’t you appreciate the work of my wife?"

Then the relative asked Njabala’s husband to follow him the next day as they will come behind Njabala hiding. Njabala’s husband accepted and they did as planned.

To the shock of his eyes the same incidence happened and couldn't believe what he is seeing. A skeleton digging on behalf of his wife while singing. This could not hold him back other than coming out of his hiding place to ask his wife. When he did so, the skeleton disappeared and Njabala was in total surprise as she knew her days were over.

All didn’t go well for Njabala as she was sent out of her marriage despite her dead mother’s effort to help her daughter. So Njabala was sent out of the house because she was brought up poorly and that’s how she lost the love of her life; because of laziness.

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