Back in September 2020, a summit on a need to create stability in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC diplomatic issues and economic cooperation in the region was sited in Goma-North Kivu (province) but due to untold reasons it was not held till last week on 7th October-2020.

The meeting was chaired by President FELIX Tchsekedi of DRC and was attended by three heads of states of the neighboring countries; Paul Kagame of the republic of Rwanda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of the republic of Uganda and President Joao LAURENCNO of Angola.

The four leader’s major focus was on reaffirming commitment to cooperate in eradicating armed groups terroring the Eastern parts of DRC as well as the whole region at large in one way or the other.

The four presidents expressed willingness to combine their efforts to sweep out the negative forces and the armed groups of the national and international identities who have turned the Eastern region of DRC into their playground, in order to give room for promotion of trade and investment without any threats resulting from such armed elements in that country itself and the region at large.

More so, the four heads of states approved the joint efforts to create peace in the region so that the burden of refugee crisis can be resolved permanently.

The neighboring countries of DRC shelter thousands of fled Congolese who are living in undesired conditions hence this alarming state is expected to be answered when what was referred as the final combat on all armed rebels in the region will finally be a successful one.

This will give a chance to thousands of these refugees to get back to their homeland after decades in the foreign lands.

It remains unclear if a joint force is going to be mobilized to get rid of rebels in the North Kivu, South Kivu and the Ituri provinces but in his last remark while winding up the meeting, president Felix Tchsekedi said that there was no alternative to collective efforts in tackling regional challenges and basically in putting an end to recurrent cycles of armed violence in D.R. Congo.

Currently, millions of Congolese in the country and abroad still wait to see what will yield in these meetings with different sections of them analyzing the approved strategy in different angles.

Some see it as usual game with no productive result because several meetings have been taking place in various designed places in different periods but all yielding almost nothing.

However, there are also those who view this as a new hope of Eastern Congo’s unrest basing on Mr. Felix’s willingness and continuous schedules all arranged to meet fellow excellencies of the neighboring countries aiming at finding out the possible everlasting solution for the rampant instability in the region.

By William Elijah

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