The last presidential address of the nation left the country men and women extraordinarily happy this was because most of the sectors he talked about were reopened on this day despite of the fact that they were reopened with the guiding principles of the SOPS methods of corona prevention.

He the address included reopening of business sectors, sports and churches to mention a few. This called for restocking of different enterprises and other business sectors all around the country.

Talking about this act of reopening of outdoor games and other sports activities all are moving on well according to the presidential address nevertheless, our attention was caught up by the idea of reopening churches.

Many people have been crying out loud for the president to open churches too because they believed God as an omnipotent being and thus clinging onto him in such desperate times in life bearing in mind that corona virus is a disease that is so difficult to understand as humans.

While other reopened sectors are working, both within the camp and the host communities. According to Elias other churches that are not within the camp were operating since the last weekend of September under the guidance and maintenance of social distancing and other required measures as directed by the president but the churches that are within the camp have not been operating within these weeks.

According to Innocent; the reopening of the churches has not been implemented in the camp due to the orders of the camp commandant and according to her the camp still stands with some positive corona cases and thus making it a suicide to reopen churches in the camp, in addition many churches do not have the required materials to fight against covid 19 that would qualify them to reopen. With temperature measuring devices a less, hand sanitizers among others. According to the commandant the churches would soon be reopened but until then, people are called upon to be patient on this point of view just as they have been before so as not to break “the camels‘ back by the last straw’’.

Many people have not been pleased by seeing others conducting prayers in the neighboring villages and not in the camp even after the presidential address on the matters at hand. Therefore, to those who had queries on the matters concerning worship centers remaining closed, sooner than later its operation even in the camp shall be inevitable

by jezreel

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