Da Mebi Dies, A shoking News From Kyangwali

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Sammy Mupenge and his two brothers, Bulla and Justin who are well known throughout Uganda for playing football have finally lost their beloved sister commonly known as Da Mebi. She is know for having helped many people and taking care of Dugala's children. She was also known to be an active member of the St. Anuarite Catholic Church located along the Kasonga kyebitaka road.

Kyangwali News has just learnt about her death but unable to obtain detail of what actually caused the death. After inquiring from her young sister, Therese Mupenge, aka Tete, she told KN that she was just sick.

Please joing the family in this tragic moment and please help as much as you can. We will bring you more details about the after burial arrangement and please subscribe to get more udates. may her soul rest in peace!

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RIP Da Mebi

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