Details On The Two Deaths, The Refugee Community In Concord Mourning- New Hampshire

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

City Of Concord,

New Hampshire State

After the news about the death of our beloved sisters; Uwituze Nelly and Butonga Zawadi, the few who had received this information from Nelly's husband's brother, Kambale Pascal could not believe she was dead. The information was insufficient and Kyangwali News learned that. Finally, we were able to contact her local pastor in Concord, New Hampshire and who revealed more details. " She died around 3:00pm in the afternoon", he said adding, " They were driving back from work and then lost control of the car and went off the road." During this phone interview, we learnt that the other lady who died with Nelly is also a resident of Concord and she belongs to the Babondo Clan of the Babembe. She is called Butonga Zawadi, who also died on spot. The Pastor however declined to provide details on who is going to take charge of the two children that Nelly has left behind. " I can't tell you now, that is something we have to discuss later", he said.

We have learnt from the Babondo representative for Scranton, Pennsylvania that the Babondo Federation in the U.S is arranging and currently sharing information regarding contribution and fundraising for the burial of the community member, the late Zawadi. During the phone interview, Nelly's pastor said that burying the two was a possibility but said that he wasn't sure what others thought about it. He said, " I can't confirm this will happen, we have to discuss it with other members involved in the burial organisation". The pastor also confirmed that the funeral home they had contact had given them an estimate of $6,000.00. He however said that this amount will need the community to contribute especially since this is a calamity, promising to gather the final plan with the help of other American Concord residents. We will keep in touch with the local Pastor and when the GoFundme link is available, will share it with our readers. Mr. Mbinga, who is also a pastor at the local church, True Worshippers here in Scranton called our editorial team saying he was very shocked about the incident and said that we should rather learn driving well enough before driving on the highway to prevent this from happening in future. Mr. Mukelo, a resident of Dayton also called upon the Congolese Community in diaspora to cooperate and help with fundraising calling it a tragedy at the end of 2018. Mr. Mukelo who knows late sister Nelly and the husband said, " We need to understand that this is a tragedy at the end of the year, and all the Congolese have to unite in such times.

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May the souls of the two beloved sisters, Zawadi and Nelly Rest in Peace. We will miss you all!


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