Doctor's Report Reveal Rukara Died Of Corona Virus

The United States Kyangwali refugee community was hit by the sad news of the death of a prominent former refugee from Uganda this week. Mr. Aloys Nkuringoma aka Rukara, who according to UNHCR records was born in the DRC, was found dead on Monday the 6th of July in his apartment in the city Providence, Rhode Island. Speaking in Kinyarwanda, Ms. Solange Mujawimana told Kyangwali News that she and others believe he died on Sunday evening, since they found him dead on Monday just the following day. Ms. Mujawimana who described herself as the deceased's confidante also told this network that she knew most of the information, some of which was secret about the late Rukara, such as his Bank Account PIN number because they were very close and he trusted her a lot.

The confidante did not know some of Mr. Rukara's biographical information. This includes his father's and Mother's names, his exact place of birth and the number of children he had. Our Kyangwali Correspondent, Isborn Lomeling contacted the Office Of the Prime Minister's (OPM) office in Kasonga and was able to obtain some of this information. In a phone call, Isborn said, "The information is very limited, they just gave me what they found in the database and told me that's what they have."

Aloys Nkuringoma (Rukara) was born in the DRC to Mr. Rukematha and Ms. Mukanguje in 1976 and he arrived in the refugee camp of Kyangwali on January 1st, 1996. According to Isborn, our local reporter, records show he lived on block 32, in Kyebitaka village of this refugee camp. The deceased described himself as a protestant, says the details from the OPM database. And just like many refugees, the late Nkuringoma was resettled to the United States of America specifically on October 11th, 2019 and he had been residing in the state of Rhode Island since his arrival. Nothing much was provided relating to his education but it is evident he finished Primary Seven (P.7) according to OPM database records.

The Postmortem report reveals Mr. Aloys died of Coronavirus, says his confidante.

Ms. Mujawimana who helped us gather most of the late's information said the late Mr. Nkuringoma had told her of a daughter he had had with a woman he described to her as a resident of Kyarujumba, Kyangwali Subcounty in Uganda. As her confidente with access to the deceased's bank account, she said she wanted the money that was left in his account be given to the daughter. In identifying the child, a team led by a Kyangwali elder, Mr. Ruhunde was able to track her and the mother in Kyarujumba, according to Ms. Mujawimana. It is not clear if the decision to send the money to this boy has been reached especially with the burial being adjourned to Friday this week.

A week after Aloys' death, the chairman of Providence local refugee community, Mr. Shaban Clement, told the community that a burial would not be possible last Saturday because they were short of funds and hard not resolved with the funeral home. Before this message, Ms. Mujawimana had earlier told Kyangwali News that a doctor's report that was released last Friday revealed that the deceased had died of Coronavirus. This was reinforced in a message from the community's chairman who in a group message told his community members that they should treat Corona as a disease that is killing and that they should take all necessary measures to avoid contracting the disease. Many still doubt Mr. Aloys died of Corona and think he died of a different illness questioning his health in Kyangwali before coming to the United States.

The burial of the late is finally scheduled for Friday 17th this week in Providence, Rhode Island according to the community chairman, Mr. Shabani. The Chairman also call people of Kyangwali to try and attend the burial as a way to pay their last respect to Mr. Aloys (Rukara). The funeral home told the organizers of the burial that only 25 people are allowed to attend and that only 13 people would be allowed to go to the grave. These restrictions are so as to stick the Rhode Island's Covid-19 guidelines. It's however not clear how many people from Kyangwali will be able to attend the burial come this Friday.

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