Wamani Moses, a 27 years old resident of Hoima town central division and a successful businessman in Hoima town had an accident on the way to his graduation at Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

This incident happened when Moses and his two friends, Emma and the driver were travelling to Kampala. Him together with his friends were in Hoima town before setting off for the journey. They all decided to use Kakumiro-mubende road.

As they set off from Hoima town heading to Kabwoya, out of excitement, every kilometer covered they would stand up in the car and drink some alcohol while shouting as they drove. The driver too had to join them; he was influenced by Moses and his fellow. They did this several times as they headed to Kabwoya.

As they got close to Kabwoya, the driver was completely drunk and started driving recklessly. In the process the driver lost control and the car overturned several times leaving the car with a lot of damages. Luckily enough, no one died but they sustained a lot of injuries on their bodies.

The driver quickly moved out, and was followed by Emma. They started to look for Moses around the car but Moses was still inside the car unconscious. Moses had an iPad but damaged badly that it couldn’t be used again.

People came to help them out but Emma and the driver said they should be taken to a private hospital not government hospital. After Moses gained consciousness, he realized he was in the hospital, his friend Emma was crying like a baby. Moses and the driver laughed at him; he didn’t care at all because he was in a lot of pain and part of his body was paralyzed.

They called for help from Hoima town and got a referral to Hoima Regional Hospital, Booma. The regional hospital could not help them much, they further referred them to Mulago Hospital in Kampala for more treatment and care. At the end of all this, Moses had more serious injuries that they had to put metals in his body to support him.

After three months they all got discharged from the hospital but Moses still walked with a stick because of the serious injuries he got.

The accident happened to Moses and his friends because of over drinking while driving, which nearly took the lives of his friends and himself.

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