This is the exact period when learners in candidate classes are believed to be utilizing the remaining few days before the set date of kicking off the school 15th October 2020 busy in finishing the assignments and doing revisions, research and all possible ways to switch back their minds to school moods.

Although, it is a different story to some of the students who are now counting down days of their dates to giving birth instead of days to returning to school.

Reports indicate that a number of candidates are now either pregnant or married of which will possibly hinder the progress of continuing with education course of many youths in the country, and basically, in Kyangwali refugee settlement.

Reasons behind this menace; too much freedom, community wrongdoers’ pleasures, decline in spiritual perspective, curiosity, greediness and other bad character exhibited by these young women and men during the 7 month lock down.

According to the sources, the bigger number of the victims to this challenge is generally secondary school students compared to those in primary. Due to this, our attention was drawn to high school candidates within the settlement and we were lucky to discuss this matter with ATIM WINNY a Senior 6 candidate at Premier secondary school, Hoima municipality and she said that she strongly believes that those who have got pregnant during these hard times or are now married, made decisions and it was never accidental.

no way you can get pregnant and start bringing excuses that it was of surprise or shock to you, it is like doing an exam and when results get released you say you never expected them! Atim said.

Our visit to the only secondary school in the settlement, Kyangwali secondary school and in an interviewed with Ms. MASHAMI PASKAZI an English teacher was not far from Atim’s opinion whereby she related this challenge to lack of vision or target of life.

Students; especially in candidate classes are expected to be more knowledgeable enough as far as decision making is concerned and above all with a vision which is obvious to predict as the desire to complete education courses to facilitate one achieve the goals of life. She said.

Paskazia added on that she cannot feel empthathy to a  girl who chooses to surrender her body to a man and at the end falsely claim that it was accidental. On the same note, she greatly condemned those boys who have misused this holiday and have ended up being expectant fathers.

”Some of those boys boosted that it was swag but have a look, the world has become smaller for them at the end, never do anything which you think on its final stages will cost you to hide your face. Paskazia lamented.

In the mealtime, the ball is still rolling to those lucky ones who are free from pregnancy or early marriage but again they are reminded to take caution and thus no matter the place either at school or home if one engages in behaviors leading to such outcomes, obviously he or she is to suffer the consequences.


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