Executive Director's Message To Mesiku Deborah, A South Sudanese Refugee Who Has A Story To Tell.

He wrote using his Facebook official account, "On my own behalf and on behalf of the foundation I wish to Congratulate my sister, friend, and old school girl Ms. Mesiku Deborah on her graduation as a Clinical Doctor at Torit Health Sciences Istitute in Eastern Equatorial state of South Sudan.

"You have now left the nest", he said.

Kyomugisa Frankline, a Kyangwali News Executive shared his congratulatory message about Mesiku's graduation and said this:

"I feel a deep desire to celebrate as you continue on-wards with the burning passion you showed in your school life and the countless memories you have picked up along the way.

I am sincerely happy for all of the family members present today more so my best friends your parents, your mother and father, Mr . Joseph Said Madra who have time to time supported you along this journey in tirelessly you have made them proud regardless of the hardships such as wars back home!

I hope that you will hold with pride the fact that you have spent these formative years of your youth in the splendid & hardship environment. By that I pray you keep on that heart of unity and help, teach the needy and young as well you stand as a professional medical personnel to save and advocate for the dying young girls and boys back In South Sudan and East Africa at large.

East Africa is truly a beautiful place, and it is extremely fortunate that you have had the opportunity to grow here, building up your physical strength, putting all your effort into learning, and nurturing friendships with love and respect. Your next phase in life is to open new opportunities for yourself using your own strength. With that in mind, please confront the challenge out here with courage and self-awareness. Thank you! Congratulations and best wishes all over.

Yours friend,

Kyomugisa Frankline".

We as Kyangwali News Team | RNIA Ltd. shall share her part of struggle, it is important and inspiring.

Ms. Mesiku Deborah at her graduation Ceremony in Torit, South Sudan.



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