Hon. Kazini Francis wins the LC 5 Chairmanship, Kikuube District.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Earlier today nine councilors out of ten in the newly created district of kikuube went in polls to elect the interim chairperson LcV of kikuube shortly after the Electro commission released apress statement and program dated 16th jully 2019 with ref Adm 72/01 directing and informing the leaders and general public about the proposed interim election in the newly created district Kikuube which come into exisistance on 1st jully 2018.

AT first the district conducted NRM primaries in which Hon. Peter Banura won with landlids over Hon. Opio Vicent the councilor representing kabwooya subcounty, with which Hon. Opio termed as a not free and fair election full of rigging, but the NRM party electro commission went ahead to confirm Hon. Peter Banura as a winner which left much reaction in the opposing camp.

Since then the electro commission had not turned up to organize the election not until officials told the councilors that they had no money to conduct an election and left the councilors with no option but to accept an interim election.

The Councilors who showed interest in the seat where HON.TOM MUHE councilor Kyangwali, HON.KAZINI FRANCIS, of kiziramfumbi subcounty, and HON.OPIO VICENT of kabwooya and the election was to be conducted by the ten(10) councilors in the district.

When the NRM flag bearer HON. PETER BANURA who is not a councilor was asked to talk about this suggestion he said” Iam okay since we are losing out many opportunity as a district without the chairman and our primary role of a leader is to strive for development okayed the development”

As internal campaigns went on we received information that one of the councilors HON. ZULIA went missing a day to the election leaving a lot of fear among the councilors and also many reactions on social media and communities.

Today morning the remaining Nine(9) councilors come at the district headquarters to have there vote and upon reaching at the district headquarters one of the aspiring councilors Hon.TOM MUHE pulled out of the race living it tight to predict who will win.

After the electionHON ZULIA who everyone thought was kidnapped turned up and told the house how he was in mbarara for a visitation,.

HON. KAZINI FRANCIS won with five(5) votes and HON. OPIOVICENT got only (4) and officially Hon. Kazini was sworn in as anew Kikube district chairman V and later he released the Executive time comprising of HON.KASANGA BIGIRWA Vice chairman, HON.RUTH KOBUSINGE incharge of finance , HON. MUNGRIECK for WORKS and lastly Hon. ZULIA for Gender.

In his speech he informed the public that he is willing to step aside for the flag bearer of NRM Hon. PETER BANURA. And After he was given a brand new car.

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