Problems faced by refugees are many and they differ. There are so many causes to these problems and high population is not one of them. It is noted that the current refugee population is not a worrying one. Imagine we have close to 100,000 refugees in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. This implies that this camp needs more people to fill the vacant land in the villages such as Malembo, Nguruwe, Rwenyawawa, Nyamiganda, Mukarange and Mukunyu which are not fully occupied. Therefore, the following are some of the social causes of the problems in the camp.

The population in the camp is comprised of people who are less of enterprising. This is very unfortunate for the developing camp. Many people do not support education and if they do, they opt for cheap ones. They are not exposed to modern science and technology which would facilitate economic production.

The camp is surrounded with social problems such as domestic violence and child sacrifice. Due to low economic productivity, both parents and their young ones become stressed and engage in violent behaviors. It is not worth to blame such problem on population pressure.

Besides the above, the camp is with a problem of corruption. All the funds the UNHCR has could be enough for the refugees but unfortunately the expected services do not reach the grass roots refugees, those in the offices embezzle funds leaving the local refugees in poverty. Not only that, even if it is time for giving opportunities to people, the good earning jobs are being given to the relatives of the officers leaving the refugees kissing the floor. Imagine the motto of Uganda “for God and my country”, is openly abused by a mock statement, “for God and my stomach”!!!

With such ill behavior in place nobody can expect social problems to be at bay. Those who can access services resort to vices such as theft, prostitution and gambling which is lowering the dignity of the refugees.

Another cause of social problem in the camp is lawlessness among the refugees. Imagine that these days some men chase away their wives and commit incest with their own daughters which are very shameful. Such behavior is not connected to population pressure but lawlessness.

What should the refugees do to put the camp upright? Something special should be done. Remember that refugees do not have anywhere to go otherwise they need help. However, limited resources and lack of exposure sometimes renders them vulnerable to these harsh conditions; refugees should also be considered as other people in case there are opportunities and social services. This can help in the uplifting of the refugee camp.

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