Dennis, a 16 year old former pupil of Bukinda Infant Primary School lives with his parents in Bukinda II Trading Center. He completed his Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) from Kinakeitaka primary school, the fact that his primary school didn’t have a UNEB Centre.

In 2012, Dennis joined his primary school in an effort to get educated. He used to walk on foot from home to school every day. Dennis didn’t find it very difficult to always move from home by footing because the school was not that far. He continued studying at Bukinda Infants Primary school for seven years to complete the primary education circle.

In 2019, Dennis was a candidate; he was about to sit for his national exams or Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE). In this same year he was still studying his primary seven at the same school. In August 2019, he sat for Mock Exams which proved him to be a good candidate and he hoped for the best in his PLE results.

Dennis' primary school didn’t have a Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Centre and so all the candidates would not sit for their primary leaving Examinations at this primary school. This school shared a UNEB Centre with Kinakeitaka primary school and all the candidates from Bukinda Infant primary school sat for their PLE. However, Kinakeitaka Primary School was a bit far from Bukinda, which gave him and other candidates a task to get means of reaching to Kinakeitaka where they would sit for their examinations. Candidates used different means of transport such as motorcycles, footing and those with rich parents were driven to the UNEB Center.

Pupils at Kinakyeitaka Primary School | Kyangwali

Dennis used a bicycle to travel. He had to ride his bicycle for some hours to cover a long distance, from his home and Kinakeitaka primary school just to sit for his national exams.

On 4th of November 2019, it was the day Dennis had to sit for his exams. In the early morning of that day, Dennis rode his bicycle to go for his exams at Kinakeitaka primary school and right then he started his journey.

When he rode bicycle for about 50 meters from his home, he seemed to have been excited so much to the extent that he was over speeding until he fell from his bicycle and hit his face on the ground, causing him a very terrible wound on his upper lip. The people who saw what happen to Dennis rushed to rescue him from the scene of accident and immediately called his parents. He was rushed to Rwenyawawa Health Centre for medical attention but because he was going to sit for his PLE, the doctors realized if they kept him at the health facility longer, it would make him miss his exams and so he was given simple first aid which helped him relieve the pain and reduce the bleeding. Dennis was later taken to school to sit for his exams and at around 8:30 am he had already reported to school. He did his examination in the same situation for the two days and later was admitted to the hospital for further treatment.

In January 2020, UNEB had released the PLE results and Dennis had scored a very good first grade with 8 aggregates. Dennis was very happy and very body who knew what happened to Dennis by then got surprised.

He later joined Kitara Secondary School in Hoima town to pursue his O'level. He is currently studying and he is now in senior one (S.1) at this school.

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