Kiri and Kiwede Sponsor a Soccer Tournament in Kyangwali

In a phone interview with Christian Mbarushimana a.k.a Kiri, he has revealed a lot of details about his journey with Kiwede to visit his former home place, Kyangwali Refugee camp located in Kikuube district but formerly part of Hoima district, western Uganda. Mr Kiri who had spent three years in the U.S state of Michigan started a number of initiatives in this refugee camp and outside it finally decided to go back and check on, this time the tournament and what he told kyangwalinews that were his personal projects as well. " we sponsored this tournament with Kiwede" he said adding, " it was a 1.5 Million Ugandan shillings trophy for a winning team" .

Players dressed in "Kiri" Jersey

He stated that he left for Kyangwali on May 7 this year but the tournament had already started and that they just went to witness the winning team and the award giving ceremony which is said they were meant to preside over since they were the sponsors. When asked what the players said about the tournament, he replied: " They were thankful, they said they did not believe it. It was amazing!" He also added that for those that he talked to said they wanted people in the U.S to think about those that remained and do something that would help them( those that remained) . Mr. Kiri cited that after having gone back to Kyangwali for this marvellous visit, he suggests that people have to understand that people do not have the jobs and support for school going children and the youth still needs attention.

" Everyone needs help in Africa, even the least support you can provide is appreciated" Mr. Kiri

He also revealed that he promised to always support the tournament every end of the year since he realised it shows love and brings people together. Mr. Kiri also had a chance to meet his old teachers at Kasonga and was able to witness the ongoing construction of new buildings at Kyangwali Secondary school.

" Many things have changed in Kyangwali since we last came to the U.S, I was surprised to see the advancing road constructon along the Hoima Fort Portal road, a Gas Station and electricity here", Mr Kiri said in the interview. Among other things, he also clarified that it's the old refugees that receive cash and that the new arrivals are receiving actual food items on the day of distribution( Mupokero). He said that he went to Kyangwali not because of any crazy reaon but a direction that came from his inner most heart. " I went there with a reason from my heart, to do something for others and I would suggest others to do the same", he told Kyangwalinews. However according to analysts, Mr. Kiri supporting a soccer tournament is of no surprise because of his background. His father, Mr. Bodjon Nziyitira is a big fan of European soccer and a prominent player in the Kyangwali teams for years. He ended saying, " I promised to be helping with providing the Jerseys and other necessities like soap and other supplies tomy team. I will also go back for another visit in 2020".

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