The Kikuube Residence District Commissioner (RDC) Mr. Richard K. Tabaaro has confirmed a Covid related death of a Congolese refugee in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. According to the RDC, the deceased had a history of travel, that he had sneaked out of the refugee camp and went to the Democratic Republic of Congo. After arriving back in the camp, he immediately got sick and died yesterday. He was temporarily admitted to Maratatu Health Center II but later picked up by the Covid-19 task force that moved him to Hoima Regional Referral Hospital.

"A refugee from Kyangwali camp in Maratatu who died the other day and was buried yesterday was Covid 19 positive," Mr. Tabaaro said in a message to Kikuube Elites, adding, "Samples were picked from him a day before he met his death. He has been hospitalized in Maratatu Health Center II but surveillance team moved him to Hoima RR Hosp after getting a tip off. He had traveled to Congo and back. He sneaked to the camp and immediately got sick."

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