By William Elijah | Staff Writer

From two weeks ago

Due to the current tremendous rise in the spread of the infectious deadly Corona virus in Kyangwali refugee settlement, the whole sub-county of Kyangwali, Kikuube district is now declared a hot spot for this virus and has been put under a strict lockdown as resolved in district meeting which was attended by Maj. Gen. Okiding, regional task force chairman and the district officials.

This strong action is put in place to avoid the worse from happening especially in the refugee community that stands a high risk of getting infected and eventually dying in masses incase the situation continues. The settlement currently has registered 19 corona virus cases including one death. More still, over 200 people are being quarantined as they test since they are believed to have been in contact with the infected persons. It is to be expected that the number of Corona virus cases is to increase rapidly in this settlement majorly because of how congested the place is. All this is due to the fact that it has been a challenge to control residents from creating or joining gatherings.

The total lockdown means that no opening of shops, worship places, bars, salons, avoidance of unnecessary movements, no meetings except those for health education and Covid updates. It would be of importance to remind the community that some of the above mentioned places had resumed to function when the president lessened the lockdown countrywide. However, for safety measures, it has been emphasized that those public gathering places are to remain locked as well as those previously reopened to be shut.

Curfew starts at 7:00pm to 6:30am with immediate effect as approved. Security personnel will start making patrols in this area to make sure the order is implemented with no fear or favor. That change in curfew time only applies in Kyangwali sub-county whereas the countrywide one still remain at 9:00pm to 5:00am.

Additionally, there will be no public transport outside and within the settlement. The halt of public transport is to control the further spread of the virus to other parts the country. At the same time, this will also curb the importation of Corona by refugees or nationals entering the settlement from places like Kampala and Hoima.

Eventually, everybody is requested to abide by the resolutions made to fight and end the spread of Covid-19 with self motivation. Refugees are encouraged to keep washing hands regularly, wearing face mask, staying home, avoiding shaking hands whether washed or sanitized. Most importantly, visiting health centers in case you show signs and symptoms of corona virus. These signs include severe headache, running nose (flu), chest pains, throat pain and cough. With that, we will have clear assurance that very soon we shall live a world free of corona virus again. (Story from two weeks ago. We will update the story this week.)

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