BY WILLIAM ELIJAH | Kyangwali News Staff Writer

Following the unveiled results on Wednesday 19th August this year, so far 10 more people have been tested positive to the deadly Corona virus adding the number of registered cases to 11 including one deceased person. According to Dr. Nicholas Kwikiriza, the Kikuube District Health Officer, the confirmed cases are contacts of the late refugee who had been rushed to Hoima Regional Referral Hospital after him showing symptoms of the disease. This individual ended up dying despite all that was done to save his life. The 10 positive cases are part of 124 people suspected with the virus who are still quarantined at Kagoma reception center.

At first, I heard that corona only kills white people and that black people are naturally immune to it,” Sifa Angelique.

According to a reliable source, the number of patients is with no grain of doubt expected to rise which has left all residents of the settlement and the surrounding areas in horror and fear.

It is observed that life generally in the whole country and particularly in the camp has started to slowly go back to normal shortly after the lock down restrictions were loosened by the president. Unfortunately, refugees are completely puzzled over this decision due to the fact they have not witnessed strong measures being taken as far as the lock down in this area. Follow-ups by Health personnel under the umbrella of Medical Team International (MTI) were given a task to find the contacts of the confirmed cases in order to curb the continuous spread of this virus.

As per now, refugees who had falsely understood Coronavirus with a mentality of terming it to be a myth of white men are now aware that the disaster is real. “At first, I heard that corona only kills white people and that black people are naturally immune to it,” Sifa Angelique, a resident of Kirokore village stated. Majority have been brought back to reality after the first registered death of a Congolese refugee from Covid-19. With this at hand, as the worse is going to get worse, the situation needs urgent actions to be taken by both the involved bodies. It remains everyone’s responsibility to fight the further spread of this virus by complying with the guidelines implemented by the ministry of health and the presidential directives.

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