Lack of sanitation facilities worry Biiso market vendors at the new site | Buliisa

By Innocent Atuganyira / Kyangwali News

Relocation of Biiso market in the temporary area worries Biiso market vendors due to lack of latrines, urinal Shelter and dustbins.

Biiso Main Market has been relocated in Nyamasoga B cell in Biiso town council Buliisa District behind Albert Nile hotel to pave way for the construction of a new modern market that was launched last week.

The land for the relocation was given by area MP Steven Mukitale Birahwa.

File Photo | Construction of new site for Biiso Central Market in Biiso Town Council Buliisa District kicks off.

Jowasi added that so far a week spent in new site, there is no proper deposition at the temporally location, there is likely to be an outbreak of diseases like cholera.

The vendors are calling upon the stakeholders to intervene into the matter and either higher for them latrines from the nearby neighbors or dig temporarily latrines to help the situation.

Nicholas Ndozereho the community Development Officer Biiso Subcounty Buliisa District said as subcounty, they are trying their level best to dig the temporary latrines since they have been given the site.

Ndozereho asked vendors to be disciplined and follow rules and regulations put in the location as they keep waiting for their main market being constructed in few month.

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