Abooki Zubi, a resident of Hamujiji village in Kyakabadiima Sub-county Kagadi district was a married man with 3 children. Aboki who travelled most countries of East Africa including Tanzania and Kenya with aims of stealing several items such as vehicle engines, motocycle engines, motorboat engines and other things thought he had gained an expertise in this criminal activity. What would then kill him? Stealing vanilla.

In October 2018, Abooki went stealing again in her village as usual, in a vanilla garden which belonged to his neighbor who was a priest in a local Catholic church. As Abooki planned to steal vanilla, he reached the garden during the day but he found out that the garden had guards. On seeing Abooki, the guards tried chasing him but could not catch him at all because he was faster than them all.

In the same night, Aboki didn’t rest at all because his plans were falling apart already. So he had a second plan of stealing the vanilla in the night. The guards knew he could come back at night and they then had to set up a plan of catching. Yet in Abooki’s thinking, he thought that late at night, the guards would be sleeping already.

At night that same day, he tried stealing for the second time. When he reached the garden, the guards who were under cover let him to first harvest some vanilla before attacking him.

Well, the thief, Abooki, found it nice harvesting the vanilla not knowing it was a trap. As he continued harvesting, one of the guards hit Abooki in the ankle with a spear; he got stuck. As he tried running, his leg could not let him move any further so he fell down on the ground. The guards attacked him spearing his chest and back randomly leaving him helpless and almost dead.

When the guards saw that Abooki was almost dying they carried him that late night to the nearest health center in Kyakabadiima and they ran away so that no one could identify them since most of the workers were already home resting.

Early in the morning as the nurses came for work they realized there was an extra patient in the health center that they didn’t admit. When they wanted to attend to him, it was a big shock; he was already dead. This left them with no choice other than calling the police.

On arrival, the police at the health center tried tracking the cause of his death but all in vain, apart from seeing a bag of vanilla beside the corpse.

The police requested the public to bury the corpse but they refused burying him because Abooki disturbed people in his village a lot with his behavior of stilling. The chairman of the village looked for the relatives of the deceased but only five people turned up for his burial

It was difficult to even agree to bury him; his reputation was a bad one. The superstar thief could not see himself die from stealing mere Vanilla, and he did in fact die. What did you learn from this story, leave us a comment below.

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