Majority Of Youth Call Out NGO's To Support Local Talents

Kyangwali Refugee Camp has many youth who without a doubt have plenty of talents ranging from accademic excellence to music, drama, acting and sports. One of the challenges is to get access to resources. Yet, many of the Non Governmental Organisations operating in this refugee camp have not put in efforts to invest in resources that could help grow the local refugee talent. In July 2019, HIJRA Uganda made auditions in the Kyangwali Got Talent and over 200 youths presented different talents. Most of them showed what they could do to entertain the public. Amongst all, they did not entertain the footballers only but all other youths with different talents, showed what they know.

“Only Kyangwali has failed to pick interest in talent shows. All other settlements in Uganda have made auditions each and every year and out of these; many youths have been given prizes which encourage them to continue working hard on their talents”. Singer Safijo said. On 21st May 2020, I met Safijo shooting his new video, we talked and he shared all the challenges the youths face regardless of which talent they possess. Dancers, singers, acrobatics performers, producers, video directors have all faced different kinds of challenges. According to him, youths can be supported in different ways just like this organization focus on different issues in the communities of Kyangwali, supporting youths’ talents could also be one of their responsibilities.

Trent Kent, who was shooting Safijo’s new video, stated on behalf of all youths and asked those of concern to make auditions just like last year’s. He also requested that he wishes the department that was exchanged from HIJRA Uganda to another unknown organization, should not stop or flip the activity Kyangwali got talent so as to see those who have talents so they can be encouraged.

In Kyangwali refugee settlement, all types of people have got issues and problems that need support but unfortunately a large number of youths have been left out regardless of the help they need. Some have dropped out of school, others have been victims of drug abuse and others victims of violence but they have all been neglected. Research says 80% of youths in Kyangwali are jobless hence leading to immoralities in the society.

Youths have raised a voice of appreciation to all those who have been trying to support them especially on things in place such as constructing youth centers to keep them busy when they are idle and they request for livelihood activities that would help keep them busy and earn a living.

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