Man beaten nearly to death in mukarange village in kyangwali refugees camp over theft.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

A man whose names are withheld for security purposes is currently held at kasonga police post after being beaten nearly to death by people and police in mukarange village in kyangwali refugees camp after being caught stealing a smart phone.

All this started after residents who have been loosing there items like phones,money,motocycles,bicycles, domestic animals, made an alarm to the police officers in mukarange and police started a mission of searching for thieves not until one person sighted this man grabbing a phone from a lady and made an alarm.

The tired and angry community caught him and beat him up not until also police turned up who tied him up as it as well hit him with batoons!. They further checked his home where they found very many expensive stolen things like phones,hoofers,bed,motocyle spares and many other things..

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