A man who has been identified by the names of Otema Mingi was last night attacked by unknown gang with pagers cut him nearly to death as he was leaving maratatu trading center to his home place.

Early morning the next day he was found by people who where on there way to the garden who later made a step ahead to inform a nearby police of maratatu.

The police which was lead by Willium Gorge come and had to carry the man in cold blood to the nearby hospital (Medical team international maratatu) as investigations continue of who are the family members, who where behind the attack and why the police told our news reporter.

However also residents raised an alarm of continuous attacks,killing of people by unknown men but not being brought to books of police time and then and threatened to make up ateam that shall hunt,kill those killers if the police has failed to bring them to books.

Kyangwali is now becoming more insecure than ever before one of the old women was quoted saying!.

Kyangwali in recent days motorcycle theft cases are the most registered where by people more so young energetic boys are being hit by iron bars or hoses broken, the next crime on insecurity that has over risen is kidnap where recently a girl child was kidnapped, cattle robbery is the order of the day which has left people in kyangwali not contented with the works of security in the region..

The man is being nursed and more details are coming

keep at kyangwali news ..

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