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Kyangwali News is struggling to piece together information regarding the death of mama Christian and we have learnt that many people are not aware of this Kyangwali resident . Mama Christian’s full name is Uwituze Nelly and was married to Mr. Kasereka Katehero who is still in Kyangwali Refugee Settlemen up to now. She has left behind two kids which is so sorrowful. For those that can not identify this lady will need to remember that she is related to Tina, former wife of Isaya Kabaseke of Nzambe Malamu and was also a prominent trader of Tomatoes in Kasonga Evening Market in Kasonga Trading Center. According to sources close to her, it is said that she has died trying to follow up with refugee relative asylee derivative petition for her husband, Mr. Katereho.

Kyangwali News is trying to get in touch with refugee families in New Hampshire for more details on her death, something that is time consuming and we argue our readers to be patient. However, we have been able to secure a phone number of the pastor at a local church she used to attend in Concord City hoping to get more details from him. We need to be United in times like this, and it’s a responsibility of every refugee to be part of the organization that will be set up to arrange her reqium mass, or the entire burial. Her death has shocked many of us and we understand the need for people to get more details. Ms. Uwituz, aka Mama Christian was driving with unidentified lady who they have both died together in the crush. According to sources, she was driving with this female friend when suddenly the car went off the road to hit a poll causing them to die on spot. This couldn’t however be confirmed by the police report after we failed to reach the police department that came to the seen after the accident via a phone call.

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