Opposition MPs Swam Kyangwali Refugee Camp

By Victoire Mwiseneza

Congolese Refugees fleeing via western Uganda to seek asylum Asylum.
UNHCR Report On Refugee Influx into Uganda.

Earlier yesterday, Mr. Kyomugisa Frankline, the Presiden of KISA, led a delegation of Opposition Members Of Parliament to Western Uganda, in the refugee settlement area of Kyangwali on an oversight visit to establish challenges faced by the community and how the challenges are managed in the areas of Education, Health and Environment. Mr. Kyomugisa told Kyangwali News, " We are also monitoring the level of Refugee entry into the area, their settlement plans and the impact to the Native Community," adding, "It is disturbing to note the influx of Refugees into the area vis avi a shortage of facilities like classrooms from where the children study. The children are forced to study in shifts as a result of this, and this creates a worrying trend into Early Childhood Education."

The Hospitals available can not attend to all the patients as required due to a high number of patients at the hospital facilities. This poses an immense risk on Maternal and Infant Health, a recipe for increased infant and maternal mortality.

These, and other challenges, like water shortage indicate an urgent need for increased resource investment into such areas, to cope up with the growing needs from the Population and specifically to secure a safer space for Women and Children.

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