BY: Elyse Ushindi

"If I can stand even once for the right cause, I have hope, someone will be heard and helped."

For years now, decades and decades, children have and we are still growing up without knowing our people, our cultures. There is more a lot of pain than just losing a brother, a sister, a friend, mother or father. At the age of 20, it hurts so much that i can only read about my country for maybe just 2 minutes, because no one was there, no one is there to save any records from where we can start from. No one saved even a single book for us to read for guidelines of how to treat our country, how to live in our country with everyone having a smile on their faces. No one left a clue behind for us, on how we can lead our people and make our country great, again.

The books of history, tell us nothing other than tears and sorrow. Stories that continuously give us pain, hate, and putting a blame on people we shouldn't even had to. Stories that were written in a hurry just because they wanted to have what to tell the young generation that has a lot of questions, but who will answer them? The curious young people who want to know "why don't we really have a HISTORY? What we have, are stories that were written by men, who were not of "our kind" men who took from children that which belonged to them, men who were so selfish, thinking of one's greatness and to only give promising lies.

These, are the only stories we have about our country.

Men took that which was meant to be for other children, for their own children. It's not wealth that was taken from us, not because we lost our parents, brothers and sisters, friends, NO. What was taken from us, is HOME. We grow up in exile, we grow up in and with different cultures, we tend to deny our own kind because, we are afraid the world will laugh at us. We fear to speak our kind, because we have no answers for he who wants to know more about us, because we won't have the answers of "WHY ARE YOU NOT HOME?" we walk in shadows, behind the light. We create other personalities, we can't go with our real names we don't know their meanings, because no one was actually there or here, to tell us what they mean.

What do we know about our countries, well, genocide, disease outbreaks, hunger, massive deaths of our people, unstable economy, poor leadership, corruption, poor education systems. Is this the story to tell? Is this the story to tell, a 3,4,5 year old curious girl or boy, who tomorrow wants to be a doctor, a nurse, an engineer, a president, a bank manager, or a pilot? Definitely, NO. It is not the story to tell. Despite all this that has been going for years and still going on, oue cry has not been heard yet, the power has not been given to us yet, to make our own decisions on what is right or wrong for us, good or bad for us. We have been, and we are still being led on chains, that we don't even know who the leader is.

We are being led like blind men, that we can not make choices for ourselves and our people. There is more pain than just seeing, hearing the deaths of our people. We all are humans, but where is the humanity for us? We are children who deserve just as much as any other child anywhere else around the world is being given, but where will we have this from? S0 many questions running through our young minds, and not even our living parents can tell us anything promising, because they don't want to give false hopes and lies. We know for sure one thing, we don't have a history. And not even because our parents told us, at least they would answer the questions we have.

Now, late January 2020 coronavirus breaks out to the entire world, countries on panic, health workers working day and nights to save a life, highest numbers of people dying every day, children locked in their houses where they can only eat, and sleep. Countries unite and others step a side to work a lone, putting the blame on others for the outbreak of the virus, this is just how much our leaders are selfish. But above all, even the first vaccine to be expected, has already a destination where it will be tested at from. So sad than anything else, I look up in the skies for hope and help, maybe God to hear, but no reply yet. A lot of countries would want to have to test the vaccine first, because they have had the highest loss of people, but there is no more humanity in human beings that can lead them to that agreement.

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