Patients Expose Bribery, Money Extortion at Masindi General Hospital | Masindi

By Innocent Atuganyira | Kyangwali News

Patients in Masindi district are crying out to government and relevant authorities to end bribery and extortion of money at caesarian section at Masindi General Hospital, this was revealed yesterday during a one day workshop organized by FOWEDO at Masindi district hall.

In a survey conducted by forum for women in democracy (FOWEDO) on data driven advocacy program presented to Masindi district leaders, and hospital management, shown health workers extort money from patients.

File Photo | Dr. Baguma Patrick the District Health Officer Masindi addressing congregation at the workshop.

While conducting there research, Christine Asiimwe the community facilitator for Masindi Municipality told our reporter that there is bribery and money extortion at Masindi hospital on the caesarian section by health workers.

The District Health Officer - Masindi Dr. Patrick Baguma confirmed the matter but said it's hard to notice. He adds, "We have had several meetings with the hospital staff and health workers. In case someone is asking for money just take pictures, and record for evidence," He appealed to the patients.

He however noted they have had students on internship and may be they were the ones extorting money from patients. Felix Twinomugisha the Medical superintendent Masindi General Hospital refuted the extortion and bribery claims saying that hospital delivers free service.

Twinomugisha challenged the mothers to present evidence of any health personnel asking for money. "I challenge those bringing accusations to present evidence, how many can testify that they were asked money," Twinomugisha said.

Evelyn Ayebale a Masindi Municipality Youth Councilor said, people fear to report because of there health condition at that moment since they have the pain and want to protect their unborn children. "The pain of a mother at the time of delivery cannot let her report the case what if the doctor kills your child?," Ms. Ayebale asked.

During the research were carrying out, mothers were testifying having given out money to get caesarian services, Ayebale noted.

The Masindi deputy residence district commissioner Dominic Tibasiima told our reporter that he is going to investigate the matter, and the culprits will be brought to book. "I have been in intelligence, and am to follow up that concern," Tibasiima noted.

Last year, a nurse at Masindi Hospital was arrested taking a bribe of two hundred thousand from a mother who was seeking treatment for her child.

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