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When people at the lake shores were evicted by the government of Uganda, most them tried finding themselves shelter in other places like Nsonga and Senjojo since these were the only two villages not subjected to eviction. The evicted people from these villages believe that the residents of Senjojo are providing funds to the government so that they are not evicted from their homes. The reason to these speculations are because Senjojo is among the villages at the shores of L. Albert that did not suffer or face this atrocity.

However, the evicted people from villages of Kina, Kachunde and others are having a hard time coping with the new life at hand since most of them are poor, old and most importantly have lost their properties during the eviction. Most have been subjected to a state of homelessness with their families.Those with mattresses at least find where to sleep at night while others don’t even have access to mattresses. That how dire the situation is!

In addition to that most families depended on fishing for survival both in terms of food and economic purposes. However, due to the eviction these people have not only lost their source of food by their livelihood. Worst of all, fishing has become an impossible activity in these territories.

This eviction has led to overcrowding since people have resorted to gathering together during this critical moment. Nsonga and Senjojo remain the only villages free from eviction hence per the RDC fishing can only be carried out only around these areas. Even so, throughout this crisis the most affected population is the elderly that cannot afford or devise means of survival specially economically.

This inevitable congestion and overcrowding has resulted into theft which has been seen as a solution to survival. Most items being stolen are money, goats and poultry. This has led the chairman of Senjojo passing a death penalty to whoever is caught in the act of theft.

The evicted people remain concerned about this situation hence they are requesting to be resettled in camps where they can be provided assistance by the Ugandan government.


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