President Signals "Very Generous" 2nd Stimulus Check In the Next Coming Weeks

In an interview yesterday, the U.S president Donald J. Trump indicated he is open to giving another round of stimulus direct payments to Americans to boost the economy.

When asked about the possibility of a second stimulus round in a Scrip local TV interview, he said: "Yeah, we are. We are". The president also added, "We will be doing another stimulus package. It'll be very good. It'll be very generous." It is no surprise Mr. Trump who brags about his healthy national economic numbers who not be in support of this.

However, it still remains unanswered when exactly Americans will be receiving this direct money because when the reporter in the above interview pressed the president on the timing, he said it would be announced in the coming weeks and also declined to say how much each individual or family will be receiving.

Another important question that many people have is that there are also a good number of Americans who have not received their checks from the first round of stimulus payments, and are worried a second one would just be not available to them. CARES Act saw many Americans and Green Card holders receive significant sums of money with individuals getting $1200 and married couples $2400. With many people across America badly devastated, there is a significant reason to send out more checks to not only help them but to actually boost the economy through boosting purchasing power of the American consumer.

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