Refugee Resettlement Boosts Kyangwali's local Economy, says relatives of resettled families

By William Elijah | Kyangwali News Staff Writer

A big section of refugees living in Kyangwali settlement, have improved on their standards of living and regained hope for survival in this foreign land as the result of the support they receive from their relatives and friends who got fortunate to be resettled in the western countries. These countries include United States of America (USA) and Canada in North America, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Sweden in Europe and Australia where these families are able to work and earn money. They also keep some savings which they use to help families and friends back in refugee camps.

The bigger impact can largely be witnessed from the Congolese community which has seen their fellows numbered in hundreds taking flights to the third countries of asylum through the resettlement program in the recent years. As the saying goes, “dine with strangers but do not forget your own people,” the refugees overseas have showed no grain of doubt in sharing loaves of bread in form of money with their people back here in the camp, which has enabled many succeed in providing better education to the young ones, set up small businesses, establish semi-permanent housing, purchase of electronic items like smart phones, television sets etc which enables them to some extend catch up with the modern world than ever before.

"the spirit of helping us has been demoralized by the reduction in the number of those refugees who were meant to be resettled and changing strategies to be followed in order for one to qualify for this golden opportunity"--Kageruka Jonas

In an interview with a resident of Kyebitaka village who never wished his name to be disclosed, he was full of excitement as he explained how his friend currently resettled in the United States of America has significantly helped him change his life from shame to pride. “As per now, I own a motorcycle, a shop and able to provide all basic needs to my beloved family, all thanks go to my friend in America and the Almighty who channeled him over there,” a source said in a state of anonymity.

The impact is not only on direct beneficiaries but also other people who have gotten employed in the newly set up projects like construction, motorbike riding (transportation) to mention a few, which is reasonably minimizing unemployment especially among youths and thus avoiding challenges which would rise from being idle. For example, sexual immorality, drug abuse and theft which are often products of youth idleness. This has made Kyangwali refugee settlement at least a better place to live than the previous years.

Unfortunate, the number of refugees who were being resettled in America, Europe and Australia has declined due to policy changes , a good example being the United States of America which used to resettle the biggest number of refugees. The global outbreak of corona virus which led to closure of boarders has caused a decline in help from fellow refugees resettled overseas. Kageruka Jonas, a resident of Kagoma village said, “the spirit of helping us has been demoralized by the reduction in the number of those refugees who were meant to be resettled and changing strategies to be followed in order for one to qualify for this golden opportunity”. He further explained, "this is because those fellows in United States and other countries have shown that they tried and cannot keep sending monetary support as many were helping those who they expected to join them in their respective countries through the resettlement process too."

Regardless of what we managed to cover, refugees lift out their cries to the people in charge of resettlement to look for a way forward; of reviving the resettlement cases and speeding up those who are already in the middle of the process.

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