Kyangwali has been a conducive environment for both intruders and those meant to enjoy it freely. Kyangwali, by 1997 everyone was new to the conditions that it contained,

A newly settled land in Maratatu, homes of New Arrivals

One ought to have a relatively settled life, however some non invited challenges were endowed by the nature such as; diseases, climatic attitudes and so on.

Fortunately people as they were refugees, they were given a chance of receiving food end ever the month was to end which helped to sustain their lives for a span life of at least two years.

As it was a settlement with enough land, refugees were advised to approach farming which in turn improved their lives including helping to provide financial possibility for refugee education their offsprings.

They used the land frequently and sufficiently, but it did not simply mean that they were given the land permanently, it was temporary but owned by "UN". Luckily to millions of refugees from "Ituri" (D.R.C) to Uganda specifically to Kyangwali, has left many old refugees starving due to lack of support from both farming work and donation of food from "WFP" (world food program).

And this has welcomed a lot of the uncertainties like, Early marriages, academic backwardness and theft as the quickest means of acquiring some best of life to some people who have been inculcated by bad morals.

Therefore, some solutions are to be looked upon from you,( the reader) because your contribution is vital for the enhancement of the community. You lived here and you understand this life more than no one else; it is important to share your ideas with refugees in kyangwali especially in this time of life whereby they have to face all the challenges of just another refugee living in camps like Kakuma. No more farming, which means a lot to them, not enough food and poverty and the expansivity of the settlement of course affects the climate making crop production difficult and impossible.

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