By Mwiseneza Victoire

Staff Writer

On the 13th of this month, we secretly received a copy of the notice from a stringer around Kampala about the scholarships that both Window Trust Uganda and World University Services Canada (WUSC) have put out for refugee students to benefit from. According to the announcement, the deadline for submitting the applications is June 10th 2019, just ten days before the World Refugee Day commemoration. The requirements are a copy of a refugee status document and a copy of your Secondary School credential or its equivalent such as the Diplome D'Etats for those from D.R Congo.

Courtesy of WTU. Refugee Students on Graduation Day.

It is also interesting that they value those that do not speak English because they indicate that one can apply in either English or French and that applicants can indicate the language they are fluent in on the application form. Students can also apply in handwritten or online via the Window Trust Website under the SRP (Student Refugee Program). It is very unfortunately, when we checked on the window Trust website, they had another bunch of scholarships they advertised in 2018 and only two students applied from Kyangwali; these were Otim Lazarus and Taluga Jezreel. The 2018 shortlisting can be obtained here.

If you want to print the copy of the application for the academic year 2020-2021, please click here to download a copy for yourself before it is too late to apply

You can also contact Window Trust Uganda via email at and also ask them if you encounter any concerns about the scholarships and online submissions as well.

Here at Kyangwali News we can help with those that need help filling out their applications because the days are numbered and you might be late. Request for a call via our facebook page by sending your telephone number with #WTU. Or you can chat with us 24 hours with any pressing issues.

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