Students and teachers workshop at Kasonga Primary School as schools set to return

Lately pupil’s minds have been opened towards the glimps of school resumption after the presidential address last month, parents working so hard to meet the expectations of their children as the dates scheduled for the return of schools sets in.

Teachers have been moving around the camp of kyangwali to register students by a door to door system due to keeping track with corona guidelines.

However, some students during this pandemic and since schools were shutdown some of them were met with issues and teachers have offer to help the children in issues concerning pregnancies and school drop out decisions.

On 07th /10/2020, some teachers gave out tasks to the students they met on random base to register pupils who study in the camp not necessarily Kasonga primary school alone but also pupils from other primary schools which existed within the camp which included Cobruwas, Mwitanzige, Kinakyeitake, Planning for Tomorrow (P4T) of 10-18 years of age to attend the workshop that could toil place on 08th of October at the venue of Kasonga primary school.

As of students who volunteered in registration did their best and the workshop attendance reached a target of one hundred pupils and due to the overwhelming number of pupils, as per the rules of covid-19, they were divided into five groups of 20.

According to Sharon a primary seven candidate at Kasonga primary school this workshop was meant to help them about hygiene during menstruation cycle for the ladies specially and general body hygiene for all the students.

many girls get scared on how to take care of themselves during their periods, they tend to shy out and this makes them lonely and uninvolved. Beatrice teacher at Kasonga primary school said. She advised the girls on how to go about it and see it as something normal and avoid the stigma, during this period you should always be clean.’’ She added.

The workshop helped us get ready, set and prepared to getting back to school as soon as school get to open again. Sharon in her own words said.

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