By William Elijah | Staff Writer

Following the presidential order as of March 18, 2020, all public gathering points

and travel was brought to a halt in order to stop the quick spread of the deadly Corona

virus outbreak which had already attacked all the countries surrounding

Uganda (Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Democratic republic of Congo and South

Sudan). This with immediate effect led to the closure of churches, schools, video

halls, to mention but a few. Countrywide on the issue of education, all institutions of learning

had to close with thousands of students returning home. According to president Y.K Museveni, in case schools remained operational, it would be highly risky in the case it was to be discovered that the virus was already in the country resulting into overwhelming

numbers of infected people. It was estimated that over 15 million Ugandans of school going age were in different schools and higher institutions of learning all over the country.

“Patience pains but pays, keep principled as you were in schools, soon you are to resume your studies and life will go back to normal,” Madam Dorcas advised.

In the meantime as we are almost making five months in the lock down, the

youth have totally immersed themselves in the community environment.

However, it is absurd that some of them started engaging in sinful acts

like sexual immorality, drug abuse, alcoholism, theft and so on. This behaviors

has resulted into many girls getting unwanted pregnancies, boys carrying the

burden of parenting at a young age, and others getting imprisoned, flogged after

being caught in theft but the most unfortunate part is most are not aware that the

fact that they are engaging in unsafe or unprotected sexual intercourse which

increases their risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases like Aids. In return

they start leading a life of self-condemnation with no future ambitions.

During a phone interview with madam Musubika Peruth, the director of studies at

Kyangwali Secondary School, she called upon all men and women staying home as per

the directives of the president and the ministry of health measures not to forget

that as much as the government was striving towards flattening the curve to end

the lock down, people should remember to not only take care of their health due

to the pandemic but also put overall value on their general welfare. She

reminded students to do revision and help parents with domestic activities as a

way of keeping their minds up to date. As she stated, “an idle mind is the devils workshop”.

On the side of students, we contacted Taban John, a senior four student at

Kyangwali Secondary School and was quoted sounding worried that, “I am really

not sure of going back to school soon, and when that time comes, not all students

will go back to class. Many will be dropouts especially here in the villages." On this

matter, Madam Nabanobe Dorcas, a teacher at the same school remarked that

students should not use the outbreak as an excuse for dropping out of school

especially due to the fact that it is a global issue at hand. She encouraged student

to continue pursuing their dreams regardless of the educational instabilities

brought by the pandemic.

She added that students need not to develop the evil spirit of saying “Let me test it.” Here, she meant that not all things are to be tested for it may lead them to hell. She brought this up as away of discouraging bad habits such as smoking, alcoholism and sexual intercourse. She stated, “patience pains but pays, keep principled as you were in schools, soon you are to resume your studies and life will go back to normality,” madam Dorcas advised.

Given the situation on ground, we strongly urge all students to treasure

their lives as they follow the guidelines enacted by the ministry of health and the

president in the fight against corona virus. In addition to that keeping away from

bad peer groups which may lead them to bad behaviors as this is the high time to

work towards preparing themselves for a better post-corona period.

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