The Bukinda Crisis


By Frankline K.

Once again it’s a watershed moment to our brothers and sisters of Bukinda, kyangwali,kikuube/hoima district, Bunyoro,western Uganda who were forced to leave there homes and land an act which violate human rights and an act that shall live by them forever, the act that left many dead, children out of school, many got physical injuries, some psychological , mothers raped, killed more so in places like wairagaza,muhoro and many other places where they went looking for survival and many the wounds maybe invisible but the pain is very real.

Many government organs took part in the act majorly Uganda police force, Uganda peoples defence force(UPDF) under orders” from above” as quoted saying, office of the prime minister (OPM) in kyangwali refuges camp under the leadership of Mr. BAFAKI by then, with conjunction with the united nations high commission for refugees(UNHCR) and many other high profiled personnel’s in the Uganda government.

In my previous article ANEW ATTACK I explained the steps so far taken by some of the few people who are still fighting on to restore their land/justice though now they are being registered as refugees and given three (3) hectors of land each person but people owned farms and farms! Ever since Miss . Catherine Bamugemerire left the place with orders that people should be given back their land till now nothing is done.

On 19,November,2018, the few and most leaders in the group decided to foot from the office of RDC hoima municipality where they had spent three days sited after being threatened by the current RDC to bring them the army to arrest them. Started the journey to meet the president and speaker but later intercepted before reaching Kampala on 20, November,2018 and forced to come back and later the member of parliament, and minister of public finance hon. Karubanga gave then car to bring them back to their camp in bukinda they choose more few people to go to Kampala and meet the speaker.

After they had meet the hon. Speaker Kadaga that’s when she recalled that she had elected the committees to research on the matter later told them she will work on them after calling the committees she had elected in two week time. Till now the data the elected committees captured was not yet discussed upon.

We need to take time and reflect on the many incidences that have happened in the nation and many Humanitarian organizations come out and stood with people and majorly profiled people but neglecting thousands of poor people in BUKINDA it isn’t an easy journey for our brothers and sisters as they struggle to overcome the injustice and challenges they face as a result of the few who want free things.

We are so saddened by the pre mature actions of the united nations(UN) sidelining with OPM to issue out refugees cards to the bukinda nationals so as their land stands free and taken ,I quote this from world conference on human rights vienna 1993,viennadeclaration and program of action page 4.”The promotion and protection of all human rights and fundamental freedoms must be considered as priority objective of the united nations in accordance with it’s purpose and principles”.

As many of you may know the burden our fellow country men and women are going through it really often feels like the weight of the world is left on their shoulders. Ounce a greater speaker said “at last we don’t remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends” these words maybe of early 70’s but they remain relevant today and that is why I write this massage to remind whoever promised to help these people and those that can help in anyway to reconfirm your promises majorly human rights organizations, government, media and every Ugandan rise your voice and save abrother,sister.

At this very moment I would like to thank the following and continue request for your more support towards helping abukinda child BUNYORO Kitara Kingdom, Hon . Muheirwe Daniel Muhairwe who even recently raised the issue in parliament, church communities, the few media houses that are following the incidence and publishing about it majorly Radio hoima,spice fm, daily monitor and some few others, Mr. Chris Dagreat Ateenyi Da Great presenter radio hoima, Mr. Tugume Johnbosco presenter spice fm, and many other personalities in the region that have stood with these people not until it’s over the struggle continues.

Thank you whoever will wake up tomorrow and stand with these people thank you very one thank you.

Note: Published without editorial

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