The newly appointed kikuube District RDC Mr. Amlan Tumusiime assumes office today.

It was on 12-jan-2021 when HE. The president of the republic of Uganda Gen. Yoweri kaguta Museveni reshuffled the residents district commissioners across the country and made new appointments which brought a new vision journalist and strong NRM carder Mr. Amlan Tumusiime as a newly appointed kikuube district Resident district commissioner (RDC).

It should be remembered, that the acting RDC Mr. Tabaaro Richard who have handed office today, took up The office on late 24th April 2020 during the times of lockdown, and today he has transferred to hoima district as a deputy RDC.

In his hand over remarks Mr.Tabarro, he stated

"Comrades, I joined u last year late(24th) April as the Acting RDC Kikuube district. That was the time of covid 19 lockdown. We tirelessly worked together to achieve what we have achieved. Am so grateful to all of you ladies and gentlemen. You guided me, supported me, advised me, engaged me all the time and above all loved me. Together we had three major activities to oversee ie

1. Covid 19

2. NRM elections

3. National elections

My own accessment is that we successfully managed these. We are on top of each situation BUT while implementing the law, regulations, rules and/or guidelines we must have stepped on some people's toes knowingly or unknowingly, I therefore apologise on my own and on behalf of others.

Kikuube has all it takes to develop. I pray that you remain United as the rest will be history.

And that, On 12.1.2021 H E the President appointed my brother Tumusiime Amlan as the 1st subsitantive RDC of Kikuube. Welcome him and work with him for the good of Kikuube.

In the same spirit the president retained and reinstated me back to Hoima district. I request that you be there for me as I will be there for you

Bye bye my brothers, sisters, children and parents".

Today we have witnessed the Handing over ceremony at kikuube district headquarters that officially confirmed that newly appointed RDC has started work.


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