On June 1, 2019, the Omukama of Bunyoro Dr Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I received a heroic welcome in Buliisa district where he went as part of his Pre-Empango Royal visits.

The King celebrated his silver jubilee coronation celebrations on June 11 2019.

In the run up to the celebrations, the King reached out to his people.

The King was welcomed by hundreds of Boda Boda cyclists at Waki River which separates Hoima and Buliisa districts.

As his motorcade moved, more residents joined it to accompany the King on his way to Butyaba landing site where he presided over Boat racing and swimming competitions.

Amidst hooting, singing, dancing, the King was welcomed by his jubilant subjects who laid down their clothes and mats for his car to move on as a sign of adoration and loyalty to him.

The road from Hoima to Buliisa up to Butyaba landing site was voluntarily decorated by locals with flowers and fresh banana leaves and stems.

Thousands of Residents held flowers, tree branches while others blew whistles as they welcomed the grandson of Kabalega to Buliisa district which for long has been an integral part of the struggle to preserve Bunyoro.

The King who was accompanied by the Queen Omugo Margret Karunga Adyeeri, the Bunyoro Prime Minister Mr Andrew Byakutaga, Royals, Kingdom ministers and chiefs, arrived in Buliisa district at about 2pm amidst jubilation, singing and dancing.

A group of women who gave a welcoming song for the King gave him a white Dove.

This is a sign of peace and honour to you, said Hon Robinah Mulimba, the Buliisa district secretary for Production who was part of the group.

The King was received by district leaders led by the Buliisa district chairman Mr Simon Agaba Kinene, opinion leaders, clan leaders, chiefs, religious leaders.

The fishermen abandoned fishing and came to the shore and joined celebrations to receive the King.

The people of Buliisa recognize you as their King and they pay total allegiance to you, said Rt. Hon Nyendwoha Mutiti, the Kingdom’s First Deputy Prime Minister who is also a former Buliisa County Member of Parliament.

Much as there are some self-seekers who want to confuse your people, as you can see, your people have turned up in thousands to welcome you and they adore you as their King, Mutiti added.

The Buliisa district chairman Hon. Agaba Simon Kinene who coordinated the visit of the King assured him that Buliisa has been and will always be part of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

He requested the King to help them in protecting Lake Albert which is being depleted, protect his people from land grabbers and lobby government to give more budget support to the district.

He decried the cases of land grabbing that have escalated ever since oil was discovered in the district.

The Buliisa district woman Member of Parliament Norah Bigirwa requested the King to help orphans, windows and child headed families who lack a livelihood.

She further requested the King to advocate for the protection of Lake Albert from degradation inorder for the Lake to regenerate.

In his speech that was read by the Kingdom Premier, the King asked them to work together, coexist and tap the available opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

He also asked his people to work hard to improve on their social economic welfare.

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