Trent Kent, well known as "Kenti" is a music producer as well as a singer in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement who is said to have sung and produced about 2000 songs for different artists including his own music in a period of three years. He is a 19 years old youth, a very genius song writer who has helped many singers in the Settlement of Kyangwali by writing and producing songs for them to the standards they really want. He says he has experienced the act of dealing with many different kind of music such as hip-hop, dance hall, pop music, and the best kind of music he is well experienced in producing, which is trap. It is said that Trent Kent is the first producer who introduced the industry of music in the Settlement of Kyangwali before other producers in the area. He lives in the village of Kasonga block 29 and this is the same place of his work.

Music Producer Based In Kyangwali Refugee Settlement
Producer Trent Kent

Trent Kent who has always wanted to become a music producer since he joined high school , he found his dream coming true when he met different artists and crews in the settlement of Kyangwali where he had come to reside as a refugee. He said that he started building his career way back in 2016 when he was still in high school after he was rewarded with a “ThinkPad” laptop computer for his good performance in class. According to Trent Kent’s statement, he said that the directors gave different items while rewarding the students because they were doing different field courses in class. The directors revealed that they had given him a laptop because they believed it would help better in his workouts; he was doing multimedia and design in his classes.

He started his career of music production by creating trap type beats using the laptop he was given as a reward at high school. He made these beats when he was still taking on his studies and he kept the beats in the folders of the laptop as he continued to study.

In 2017, a cousin brother to Trent, who lived in Canada, seemed to support his career. He then bought him a set of headsets and microphone which he believed would help to push Trent Kent to another step of music production, where this would help out in voice recording of the singers. Later on, he started producing songs for his own, and also together some friends who seemed to have talent at his school. But all these songs produced by then, were for leisure and in 2018, Trent Kent and his family traveled from their home country Democratic Republic of Congo to Uganda to settle in Kyangwali. When he reached in Kyangwali, he had moved with his laptop and microphone but he realized that he had left his friends who he shares talent and experience in the type of music he loved and produced better. He realized it would be a very big task for him to continue with his career in music production. He tried and he realized that he would help them explore their talents as he continued with his career. He then started producing songs of different artists in Kyangwali where he received about 2-5 artists who recorded songs per week. This motivated him in the first place and he kept going. He said that he was inspired by an American music producer known as Metro Boomin and some artist such as 21savage, The Weeknd, Narv, Travis and some other local artists like Tonix, John Blaq and Grenade

In 2019, he had already moved to another step of progress; he says he traveled to Kampala for his career coaching and met one of the best Ugandan music producers. He met Wani, who is a very big celebrity in Kampala and has produced songs for different artists. After interacting with Wani for three months, he came back to Kyangwali where he applied all the coaching. In the same year, he created his own label known as GRIND RECORDS (CR) and also some tags like “TrentkentontheBeat” and “Trentkentonthetrack”. They helped him to advertise his studies where he attached the tags in different songs. He said this was his year of breakthrough.

Today, Trent Kent is an outstanding music producer in Kyangwali. According to artists in the settlement, he has got the best system ever and they all prefer GRIND RECORDS studio for their songs and so KENT said he now receives more than 5 artists per day. He is now a big celebrity in the settlement of Kyangwali and most of the youth who have talent in music pick inspiration from him, and he says he has gotten an ambition of exploring and pushing the music talent of the youth to another level in this refugee settlement

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