Tuungane Association is a group of people that consist of both men and women in Kyangwali Refugees settlement.In Kasonga Trading Center, they are known for having a butcher’s, a SACCO saving group, a retail shop, management of the new market, to mention a few. This reflects the meaning of their Kiswahili group name “tuungane”, which translates as “Let’s Unite”.

Today, the group decided to implement one of their foundation objectives in the camp by launching a monthly sanitation program in Kasonga. According to Mulindi Robert, they became concerned about the sanitary conditions in the settlement and thought of the way to improve it. However in collaboration with Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid (HIJRA), they were given some tools; 3 Wheelbarrows, 3 Spades, and 3 Hoes for the implementation of the program. This program will be running every end of the month to maintain roads and promote hygiene. Since the program includes slashing bushes on the sides of the roads, it is also considered a solution to road accidents.

This group, which to most residents of Kasonga is seen as an economic forum with objectives of working together to improve the status of the local economy, seems to value the importance of a clean environment. Among its members is Mr. Mandela, a local businessman in this trading center.

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