Water shortage hits Hoima residents | Hoima

By Innocent Atuganyira | Kyangwali News

Speaking this morning to Paulin Murungi a resident of Ndaragi 1 village in Ndaragi Parish Kisukuma Sub County says the area is totally lacking water in that most of them go for water in the morning but comes back in the evening due to congestion and a long lining of jerrycans at the bore hole.

Murungi explains that Ndaragi one Village has only one borehole and a shallow well whereby the bore hole do always get dry after fetching one to two jerrycans hence forcing them to stay at the water source waiting for water for long period.

She said most of women and children go for water in morning and come back home in the evening after having had many quarrels amongst themselves at the bore hole.

File Photo | Residents struggling to get water earlier today.

She added that most of the women have no longer doing work but instead have put most of their attention on water since it is very hard to get.

Residents are calling upon the sub County leaders to intervene into the matter since the situation is worsening.

Aloyzius Kyaligonza the LC1 Chairperson Ndaragi one Village confirms the story and said the situation is alarming since the area have over 380 households with population of about 2500 people only depend on only one borehole which do normally dry up after fetching one to two jerrycans.

Kyaligonza asked the residents to cooperate especially in contributing some money as they wait for the sub county and district leaders to intervene into the matter as they had pledged.

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