Who will become the next RWCIII Chairman for Kyangwali refugee settlement?

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

By Victoire Mwiseneza

Kyangwali Refugee Settlement is currently in a move to elect the next "Camp Chairman" as most refugees refer to the official. According to a list that was forwarded to Kyangwalinews by one of the contestants for the post, the list includes the following members all residents of the refugee settlement:

Mporanzi Emmanuel
Hakizmana Phillip
Uketha Rigobert
Gai Serge
Maomboleo Bisengo
Mbonimpa Alex

We have also learnt that Mr. Basebanya Joseph will finally not be in the ring but it is still unclear why he did not appear on the list with the above, a week a go and why he was scrapped off from running by the organising body. " The shortlisting took long because they were afraid it could end up causing chaos," said Mr. Mbonimpa who messaged the editorial team. This position is the highest office a refugee holds and the responsibility of the RWCIII is what makes it unique. It is the link between the refugees and the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) or even the UNHCR. Kyangwali News is trying to reach out to Mr. Kabera, who served in that capacity for a long period of time and winning Mr. Otim Walter on several occasions. The phone interview is scheduled for next week and we will brief you the details.

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