Why are we poor or not successful like others you know?.

By: Kyomugisa Frankline

Whathat I think.

1-We have no Information

2-We have no access to opportunities

3-We have no Network of people who can lead us and help us get the opportunities

4-We associate with wrong people who are not ready to support us or people with no opportunity at all.

5-We talk too much with no action

6-We have no time for God but we have time for religion and religious Leaders

7-We have no heart for charity. we don't help those in need especially the most disadvantaged people.

8-We have no secrets...Our plans to succeed are known by those who are against us...We discuss whatever little we are planning.

9-We spend more than we earn..We believe so much in posturing and belonging to a class we don't qualify to belong.

10-We despise small jobs and opportunities but above all we despise people...

11-We are too proud and arrogant but above all we have self glorification

12-We have the mentality of self entitlement.

Blessed weekend and more ahead.

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