It may surprise you to learn that many refugees that came to the United States and have gotten naturalized are overwhelmingly voting Democrat. The reason is clear but before revealing the reason, it is important to point out that they are less informed; most of the research they have done is to pass the Citizenship test. This means they know very less about the history of the United States, the Constitution or even some other concerns that force different Americans to vote in the fast place. Many Americans are concerned about the economy, health, climate change, second amendment right, education, religious freedoms, foreign policy and immigration to mention a few. What exactly is attracting many refugees converted citizens to the democrats’ party?

Well, as we have seen from the list of issues listed above, African refugee brothers (those currently citizens) are only and only concerned about immigration and resettlement. They came to this country mostly during the time of Obama and they actually think Obama has to be worshipped because he supposedly brought them to the United States of America. This assumption alone is not true, and the idea of only voting because they know a Democrat candidate will be immigration friendly is very unhealthy for this country. Immigration is somehow a hot issue in this country but most people agree that those coming to America need to come in legally; but many of these former refugees are only interested in seeing their relatives and friends to come here without ever thinking what process they are coming in. Whether it is legal or illegal, that is not their concern.

Here is why it is important for them to think a little bit beyond just immigration: in Africa, religion is still very important and they reach here and continue to attend church and practice their religions, yet the democrats are contrary to what most of them believe. Many Christian African refugees see abortion as a sin and it is in fact a sin. Abortion is not much different from child sacrifice and people advocating for it are democrats. Secondly, many Africans up to today in the continent are fighting same sex and gay marriages because we believe in what the Bible says about such relationships. As a matter of fact, the majority of the babies aborted in the United States are African American babies; Africans! According to Johnston's Archive, about 42% of babies aborted in the United States between the years 1965 and 2018 are black, of course this is alarming and it should be a shame to any person of African descent that is voting democrat.

It is not just about same sex marriage and abortion; the democrat candidate, Joe Biden who has been and continues to be praised by the media as the best candidate and the most compassionate, presidential etcetera has very racist and disturbing comments and policies that are anti-black. Joe Biden was the chairman of the senate judiciary committee when the Crime bill of 1994 was passed that saw many black people went to jail. The only people who are supporting Joe and are downplaying his racism history are the liberals and many black bourgeoisies who are profiting from the system despite many blacks continuing to suffer the effects of such reckless policies. Joe Biden on the Breakfast Club interview with Charlamagne the god said if he can’t vote for him is not black, that was not black. Imagine if that was Trump that said something like that, what would have happened? Let’s also look at Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris. Just like how they branded former president Obama as the Black president and achieved their goals, they are again are using the same public relations technique to catch the black vote: she is African American, she is Indian American, this is actually the race card. What is worse is that she is also affiliated to mass incarceration of blacks in California. According to an article in the LA Times dated October 2019, “Under both Republicans and Democrats — including Kamala Harris, who became a prosecutor in 1990 — a tough-on-crime political culture flourished in California, and African Americans were hit hardest: Their incarceration rate remains more than five times their share of California’s population. It is very clear, not of the two democrats party candidates are good for black people. So, what are you voting for? Just immigration?

All I am saying is that it is naive to vote for a democrat candidate in this election because you think Joe Biden and Kamala will be pro-immigration and that resettlement will be reinstated and that all the friends and family will just pore into America. This country has a system in place and it is not about who is in office, it’s about how this country will benefit. The interest of America that will always come first, not because they are passionate, not at all. This political myopia by many Africans coming to this country must stop, because what it means is that we will not understand the American system and continue to be used like many myopic African American brothers are being and have been used by the Democrats party. It is simple, if you are religious, God has to be a priority, not friends and family that may benefit from the work of an evil organization. But what we have seen is people selling their souls in the name of immigration and refugee resettlement. As you think of immigration and resettlement, please think of what else comes with your vote; abortion, same sex marriage and attacks on religious freedoms and liberties and this should flash a red light to you as a believer. Just like I have always said, for any informed religious and religious African, it is difficult to associate with the democrats’ party. Almost all the things we believe in are the opposite of this party.

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