There lived a happy family in Rwenyawawa village of Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. Mr. Tembeya and his wife, mama Barrack have been in marriage for 17 years and they have had 5 children who are all boys. None of them went to school.

As time passed on, the once happy family started having little fights mostly between the wife and husband. As much as they solved problems almost on a daily basis, still more fights came up. And the reason for all these fights was that the husband was suspecting his wife of cheating on him with someone else. Though the husband didn’t have any evidence yet, it pained him a lot as they had been in marriage for that long. Mr. Tembeya never gave up; he continued spying on his wife until her 40 days reached. And he caught them red handed cheating. Mr. Tembeya couldn’t cool down his anger at all because he had been waiting for such moments to happen.

A fight started between Mr. Tembeya and the other man. His wife couldn’t separate them at all, and the wife had to leave them alone but throughout the fight, Mr. Tembeya was beaten badly that his lower lip was cut off by the other man. Since Mr. Tembeya lost the battle he had to walk back home with a lot of shame.

Soon after that, he reached home and found his wife seated comfortably. Mr. Tembeya asked “why are you cheating on me for all these years we have been in marriage?” the wife replied, “you are not handsome for me to be with you alone.” Mr. Tembeya didn’t say much and decided to go to the bar to relieve his stress by drinking alcohol. When he got drunk and under the influence of alcohol, he thought of a plan that could end his stress.

Mr. Tembeya reached home late in the night and found his wife asleep. He got a hammer and three inch nails, he hit it once and directly below his wife’s ear and his wife could not make any alarm at all, she died silently without anyone knowing in the dark night.

Early in the morning as people were passing by they saw the doors open very early in the morning. They felt something wasn't right. They knocked on the door but no one came out to talk to them; and the smell of blood coming from the house forced them to enter and check. By then, the children were asleep but they were woken up to check on their mother’s room only to find out that their mother’s body was lying helpless. She was already dead.

Everyone realized that Mr. Tembeya was not home and all had him as a prime suspect on their mind, which was true. Mr. Tembeya had escaped from home and was hiding himself. They looked for him to pay for his actions but was nowhere to be found. Few days later Mr. Tembeya appeared in the trading center, they caught him and handed him over to the police. The wife’s body was buried and that’s how her life ended; because of cheating.

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